Supply Chain Salary Information

ASCM's yearly salary survey is a great resource that I'd highly recommend reviewing. It's certainly learning towards the optimistic side, but a great guide nonetheless. You can find links below.

Starting Salaries in Supply Chain

Starting Salaries can range widely based on location and company. If you're looking to start your Supply Chain career, typically entry level roles will have the word "Coordinator", "associate", and sometimes "analyst".

A common example would be a Logistics Coordinator. I've seen some 3PL's start these positions as hourly, $15 or $16. If you have no experience, this might be a good way to get a foot in the door - but ideally you would be starting at least $50k and salary, or on a path to reach that within one year of your entry level role. Be sure to ask the interviewer what that path looks like - energy, motivation, and an eagerness to learn are going to take you very far in these interviews.




The median salary for supply chain professionals is $86,000 annually. Despite the economic challenges of 2020, 87% of those surveyed received an additional cash bonus. A typical starting salary for individuals entering the supply chain field is $60,000.

Resources to find Supply Chain Salary information:

ASCM Salary Insights - 2020:

Payscale -
LinkedIn -
Glassdoor -

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