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Keeping informed on supply chain news and disruptions is essential to all aspects of Supply chain. Below are some of the best resources out there for Supply chain news & events.

Two organizations you should be familiar with are ASCM and ISM:

Association for Supply Chain Management 

Institute for Supply Management

If your company is willing, I would get them to pay for a membership(s), then join the weekly webinars available from these organizations here and here.

ASCM produces Academic publication articles here and here, although they are paid (Again, get your company to purchase or give an allowance)

Supply Chain Dive - Free

"Supply Chain Dive provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping supply chain management. The newsletters and website cover topics such as logistics, freight, operations, procurement, regulation, technology, and more."

A free publication that provides plenty of cool resources and news, you can subscribe to their newsletters here. They pump out content quite often so you may want to filter some of their emails into a folder. They are part of a larger publication network and have some related publications in other specific industries that may be helpful as well.

Supply Chain Brain - Free

Another free resource from a large publication house, you can register for free here. Again, they pump out content constantly so you'll want to set up a filter for their emails - but still a great resource.

  • Daily Newsletter
  • Videos & Podcasts 
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars 
  • Newly Released White Papers
  • Specialty Newsletters - Updates on specific industry verticals and supply chain disciplines
  • The Magazine (Digital Format) - In-depth articles and analysis on the topics most relevant to your company's growth - The Journal Of Commerce - $349 Per year, limited free access

"The Journal of Commerce is a biweekly magazine published in the United States that focuses on global trade topics. First published in 1827 in New York,[1] it has a circulation of approximately 15,000. It provides editorial content to manage day-to-day international logistics and shipping need, covering the areas of cargo and freight transportation, export and import, global transport logistics and trade, international supply chain management and US Customs regulations."

You can register for free with limited access to a few JOC Articles, or subscribe for $349 per year for web-access.

You will receive access to 5 free pieces of content for the next thirty days. After thirty days, you will receive 3 pieces of content and after sixty days you will receive 1 piece of content. To receive full access, Subscribe Today.

You can read more about JOC and their history on The JOC's Wiki page here. Since this is a paid service, I'd see if your workplace would offer to cover the cost. The JOC is certainly a great industry standard news source and many times while working in International transportation, it's been the quickest to report and the most in-depth source of news we could find on global issues.

Supply Chain Quarterly by CSCMP - Some free access, $89 per year

Six times a year, the publication delivers fresh, cutting-edge ideas on all aspects of the global supply chain, from product design, procurement, transportation, and warehousing to human resources, information technology, and finance. 

You can subscribe for 89.00 US per year by using a form here to fill out your information, which strikes me as weird, so hopefully they get this updated to a more standard online payment system. A lot of industry news is still available for free though.



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