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SupplyChainFlow is a site to help Supply chain professionals learn all the best tips in order to find, secure, and succeed in a Supply Chain Management career. Whether you are looking for an entry level supply chain position, or looking to move up from where you currently are - You can find exactly what you need here.

Most articles are editorial or research pieces. If you have a question or an idea for a future post, please feel free to contact us.

Falling in Love with Supply Chain

Supply Chain is an interesting field. Always lurking in the background of everything we do in modern society, but never really talked about in the open. I had never even really given it much consideration until I was a full on adult, and didn't even really understand it until I was in the thick of it.

In Supply Chain, every single day is a new challenge. There is always a new hurdle to face, or a new thing to learn. The field itself encompasses a vast array of positions, from trucking to industrial engineering. It gives so many learning opportunities, from big key concepts on how to manage global supply and demand, down to a keyboard shortcut that saves you 15 minutes of work a day. In all, it's given me a lot to think about.

Main Author: McKenzie

My Story

I see a lot of questions from people who may not have a formal Supply Chain Management educational background. Many people feel that they can't get into supply chain without a specific education - but my experience says otherwise. 

When I first set out to start writing about Supply Chain, my biggest goal in mind was to drive home how accessible it can be to many people.  Supply Chain is a career option for you too.

The job market for supply chain is hot right now - and I want to see others succeed and thrive.

Specific Supply Chain management degrees have really only begun to take hold in colleges in the past 5-10 years - so many people within Supply Chain don't have official shiny Supply Chain Management degrees.


Coming from a Different Background

I originally received my Bachelor's in Fine Arts (BFA) prior to starting a career in Supply Chain. Some people might think of this as a hurdle - but my ability to communicate clear concepts was an incredible advantage in my career path. I've learned quite a few lessons - and notice quite a few folks also with unconventional backgrounds thriving within Supply Chain Management. I'd love to share all my tips and tricks to help others achieve the same.


My Path to Getting Certified

About three years into being a Senior Supply Chain Analyst, right before COVID struck, I was able to take a CSCP Instructor Led course from the local ASCM Chapter. I was able to meet in person with an incredibly diverse group, from fresh graduates to Supply Chain masters. I learned so much, especially coming from a non-conventional educational path.

Luckily for health concerns, the class ended shortly before February 2020. After that, and many months hosting a study group, I was finally able to take the CSCP exam proctored online.  It took a lot of focus on nights and weekends, but now I have my CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional certificate by ASCM.


Helping Others

Using my own supply chain experience, I was able to start helping colleagues find better jobs within supply chain. Pairing this with my fine arts and graphic design knowledge, I was able to brush up some resumes, and give solid and actionable advice for finding and securing a great job.

Time and time again, I encounter folks that may feel like they aren't worthy of a good job due to their background or status. I wholeheartedly disagree with this outlook - as I know a huge part of finding a great Supply Chain position is simply an eager and positive attitude. I've made it my mission to give others a great foundational resource in supply chain, so you can feel more confident in your career.