Are you being underpaid in your Supply Chain career?

Are you being underpaid in your supply chain career?
Are you being underpaid? Photography by Tima Miroshnichenko

Evaluating your progress within your Supply Chain career can be a difficult task. I set out to provide a little research that can help you figure out what next steps you should be making on your current and future roles within supply chain.



The median salary for supply chain professionals is $86,000 annually. Despite the economic challenges of 2020, 87% of those surveyed received an additional cash bonus. A typical starting salary for individuals entering the supply chain field is $60,000.

Resources to find Supply Chain Salary information:

ASCM Salary Insights - 2020:
Payscale -
LinkedIn -
Glassdoor -

ASCM Salary Insights

By far my favorite of the above options is ASCM's Salary Report. It shows different areas of supply chain broken out - which can give some invaluable perspective, especially if you are trying to consider one direction over another within your career. On occasion it does seem a little "optimistic" - likely because the ones most likely to respond to ASCM's survey have had fairly successful career trajectories. However, I definitely feel it's a good area to start to break down what salary and benefits you should be looking and negotiating for. 

When looking for a job, always aim for higher - the top 25th percentile in benefits and salary. Currently, there's a war out there for talent in Supply Chain, so you're at a great point to leverage your current and past experiences to get solid offers.

Salaries for Supply Chain Professionals per ASCM
Salary Guide for Supply Chain Professionals per ASCM's Salary Survey 2021

Above is an example from ASCM regarding salary vs. tenure within Supply Chain. If your current role is falling short, it may be time to make a change. You can read more on salary insights with ASCM Research here.


Payscale Salary Insights and Job Title Search

Not to be outdone, Payscale has its own wider research and reports available on nationwide labor statistics. You can view their research here.

My most recommended feature on Payscale, when evaluating your current salary, would be to search your current title here, on Payscale's salary by job title function.

Supply Chain Salary Research by Payscale
Supply Chain Salary Research by Payscale

LinkedIn Salary Search

LinkedIn also has a similar tool, and you can see below they came up with about the same salary for the same job title:

LinkedIn Salary Insights
LinkedIn Salary Insights for a Senior Supply Chain Analyst

You can search for your own job title through LinkedIn here.

Glassdoor Job Title Search and Employer Reviews

Glassdoor also has a similar salary search tool. You can see they came up with the highest salary of all, but all results were within 2-3k of each other, which is a good sign that the numbers are accurate or at least realistic.

Glassdoor Senior Supply Chain Analyst Results for Ohio
Glassdoor Sr Supply Chain Analyst results for Ohio, USA

You can use Glassdoor's salary search here using your own job title and location. It's also a good idea to search for a new location if you are being promoted and relocated; is the new salary really competitive in a new city?


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